Remember November 2018


Find out how you can join the fight for a better North Carolina, and a better United States.  It starts with a vote.

The Trump Era Must End

The Trump administration so far has shown that they support blatant racist, anti-woman, anti-poor, and un-democratic policies.

Trump's discrimination and family separation policies are not the values our country was built upon. Trump's repeated disdain and dismissive mocking of victims of sexual assault are grotesque and intolerable. The Trump administration continues to roll back environmental regulations, allowing more toxic waste like coal ash into our water and environment. Congress' inaction and reluctance to stand up to Trump is inexcusable. The Kavanaugh Supreme Court appointment has made it clear that neither Congress nor Trump will listen to the people. Now is the time for us to act. 

Making a change starts with your vote. Local elections matter and voters can change the tide by sending a message that they are paying attention, and they will vote for politicians who care.

You can make a difference. Find out how.

North Carolina Is Taking Giant Steps Backward

In North Carolina, special interest politicians are out to rig the system against hard working-families.  They have cut public schools to pay for tax cuts for corporations. They have stripped clean water protections to help big polluters. They have denied health care for half a million of the working poor.  They have made it harder for people to vote. And they have tried to politicize and weaken our courts and system of justice. Now the General Assembly is trying to trick the people into amending the constitution.

These proposed constitutional amendments will give unchecked power to the legislature, give a tax cut to millionaires at the expense of our public schools and suppress the votes of people of color, students, and the poor.

 They think they can survive the next election IF voters forget about their extreme agenda.  But we won't.