What's happening to North Carolina's environment:

Since the GOP takeover in 2010, environmental protection has taken a back seat. Politicians in Raleigh made it illegal to disclose what chemicals are being pumped into the ground. Politicians even banned state scientists from accurately calculating sea level rise. North Carolina has also had a major issue around coal ash contamination, that was first highlighted during the 2014 Dan River coal ash spill. Hundreds of residents living near toxic coal ash waste ponds currently rely on bottled water, as their wells are contaminated with known carcinogens. Politicians have refused to make Duke Energy fully clean up the coal ash pits, and state lawmakers have so far allowed Duke to pass along any cleanup costs to electricity ratepayers.

Most recently, the NCGA hamstrung the Department Of Environmental Quality by drastically slashing its funding. Now carcinogenic chemicals like GenX are being found in state drinking water. While families are drinking bottled water the legislature has done nothing substantial to fix this growing problem.

More than ever we need strong environmental leadership both locally and nationally. From clean water to climate change, simply too much is at stake. We must remember this on November 6th.